Bid List 12/08/20

Date Project Name Owner
11/24/20 GOSR Mastic Beach Drainage Improvements (3264609999/CR12)
New York State Dormitory Authority
  Contractor Bid Amount
  DF Stone Contracting
  Laser Industries Inc. $1,955,000
  G&M Earth Moving Inc. $2,256,000
  Quintal Contracting Corp. $2,264,000
  Excav Services Inc. $2,972,913
  Pioneer Landscaping & Asphalt Paving Inc. $3,079,000
  PMY Construction Corp. $3,130,408
  JRCRUZ Corp $3,825,000
Date Project Name Owner
11/25/20 Hempstead Lake St. Park Site Improv South of Southern St Pkwy (D005763)
New York State Parks & Rec-Long Island Region
  Contractor Bid Amount
  G&M Earth Moving Inc.
  Steven Dubner Landscaping Inc. $1,923,880
  Pioneer Landscaping & Asphalt Paving Inc. $2,007,000
  Grace Industries LLC $2,078,820
  J Anthony Enterprises Inc. $2,216,680
  JRCRUZ Corp. $2,458,736
  J. Pizzirusso Landscaping Corp. $2,555,500
  LoDuca Associates Inc. $2,570,051
  Quintal Contracting Corp. $2,697,032
  Galvin Bros/Madhue JV $2,922,000
  FGI Corporation $3,282,625
  DP Civil Inc. $3,304,000
  Triumph Construction Co. $3,460,000
  Woodstock Construction Corp. $5,930,000
Date Project Owner
11/30/20 Traffic Signal Requirements Contract (20056)
Town of Brookhaven, Purchasing Division
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Part A - Maintenance  
  Hinck Electrical Contractor, Inc.
  Part B - Time & Materials:  
  Hinck Electrical Contractor Inc. $518,369
  Part C - Construction:  
  Hinck Electrical Contractor Inc. $2,713,959
  Hinck Electrical Contractor Inc. $4,343,482
Date Project Owner
12/3/20 Durable Pavement Markings at Various Locations (D264349/PIN 0DPM20)
New York State Department of Transportation
  Contractor Bid Amount
  MetroExpress Services Inc.
  Safety Marking Inc. $7,889,942
  Denville Line Painting Company $12,043,565
Date Project Owner
12/4/20 LIU Post Water Main & Service Improvements (13-20) Jericho Water District
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Allen Industries Inc. $581,430
  Merrick Utility Associates Inc. $660,265
  Araz Industries $736,720
  Bancker Construction Corp. $758,803
  MTS Infrastructure LLC $778,675
  Alessio Pipe & Construction $941,395

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