Bid List 1/30/18

Date Project Name Owner
1/16/18 Pump Station "E" Main Sewage Pump Replacement (122) Port Washington Water Pollution District
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Atlantic Wells Inc. $328,000
  Bensin Contracting Inc. $362,900
  RJ Industries  $397,200
  Philip Ross Industries Inc. $468,000
  WHM Plumbing & Heating Contr. Inc. $498,400
Date Project Name Owner
1/17/18 Wellhead Treatment for PFC at Plant No. 1 (CIS NY# 552235) Town of Southampton
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Philip Ross Industries Inc. $1,317,915
  Atlantic Wells Inc. $1,377,200
  Bensin Contracting Inc. $1,390,330
  Bensin Contracting Inc. $1,273,330
  Philip Ross Industries Inc. $1,301,915
  Atlantic Wells Inc. $1,337,200
Date Project Owner
1/23/18 Resurfacing Various County Roads - Phase 51 (HG1587-51G/PIN 0760.55) Nassau County Public Works
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Posillico Civil $3,589,310
  Intercounty Paving Associates LLC $3,688,000
  Pratt Brothers Inc $4,081,094
  Dragonetti Brothers Landscaping $4,143,477
Date Project Owner
1/25/18 Athletic Field Reconstruction @ Weldon E. Howitt Middle School (CIS NY# 551955) Farmingdale UFSD
  Contractor Bid Amount
  The LandTek Group Inc. $6,240,000
  Laser Industries Inc. $6,465,000
  G&M Earth Moving Inc. $7,388,000
  Web Construction Corp. $8,875,000
  Laser Industries Inc. $3,530,000
  The LandTek Group Inc. $4,120,000
Date Project Owner
1/25/18 F/I Concrete Curbs, Sidewalks & Driveway Aprons (18-001) Town of Smithtown
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Suffolk Asphalt Corporation $2,732,500
  The LandTek Group Inc. $2,831,000
  DeAl Concrete $2,962,400
  Pratt Brothers Inc. $3,478,950
  Roadwork Ahead Inc. $3,542,000
  Laser Industries Inc. $3,618,400
  J Anthony Enterprises $4,182,000
  Quinital Contracting Corp. $5,341,250
  G&M Earth Moving Inc. $5,830,000

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