Bid List 2/4/14

Date Project Name Owner
1/16/14 Wellhead Treatment for VOC Removal @ Plant No. 5 Hicksville Water District
  Contractor Bid Amount
  JVR Electric $650,200
  Rolands Electric $717,400
  JK Electric Co., Inc. $783,000
  Hinck Electrical Contracting, Inc. $794,945
  Bana Electric Corp. $799,600
  Baltray Enterprises dba Bancker Electric $808,000
  Palace Electrical Contractors Inc. $844,000
Date Project Name Owner
1/17/14 15V Underground Cable/Main Switch Upgrade SUNY at Farmingdale
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Weisbach Electric of Long Island $1,029,400
  Baltray Enterprises dba Bancker Electric $1,088,000
  Relle Electric Corp. $1,276,010
  Commander Electric, Inc. $1,392,000
  Eldor Contracting $1,396,000
  Mohawk Valley Utility Corporation $1,447,623
  Global Electrical Contracting of Westchester, Inc. $1,483,000
  Bana Electrical Corp. $1,515,000
  Hinck Electrical Contracting, Inc. $1,595,000
  Beacon Consulting Group, Inc. $2,069,488
  SJ Electric Inc. $2,090,000
  Expert Electrical Inc. $2,995,000
Date Project Owner
1/21/14 Cedar Creek WPCP Grit Removal Facility Improvements Nassau County Public Works
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Heritage Mechanical Service $7,857,000
  Philip Ross Industries Inc. $8,675,000
  Jett Industries, Inc. $8,966,000
  John P. Picone $9,707,000
  Posillico Civil Inc. $9,897,000
  RJ Industries Inc./RJI Mechanical $10,569,500
Date Project Owner
1/23/14 VOC Treatment at Plant No. 4 - Phase 1 Construction Roslyn Water District
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Philip Ross Industries Inc. $833,240
  Bancker Construction Corp. $894,480
  Bensin Contracting $1,035,400
Date Project Owner
1/23/14 Sanitary Sewer Manhole Replacement City of Long Beach Public Works
  Contractor Bid Amount
  The Novelli Group $479,500
  Bancker Construction Corp. $631,500
  Araz Industries $1,254,000
Date Project Owner
1/24/14 Parking Expansion & New Fuel Filling Station @ HS Bus Maintenance Facility Mineola UFSD
  Contractor Bid Amount
  American Paving & Masonary $196,835
  Laser Industries Inc. $205,000
  Fort Hill Industries Inc. $227,375
  Roadwork Ahead, Inc. $242,300
  J Anthony Enterprises $284,700
  PSL Industries, Inc. $304,858
Date Project Owner
1/27/14 Abatement & Demolition of Existing Incinerator Bldg @ DPW Inc. Village of Valley Stream
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Gramercy Group $743,347
  Watral Brothers Inc. $1,306,117
  Russo Development Enterprises $1,422,500
  L & G Ruggiero Inc. $1,495,000
  LJC Dismantling $1,730,400
  Breeze National Inc. $2,975,000
Date Project Owner
1/29/14 Tire Stockpile Abatement Services - NY Tire/Izzo Property NYS OGS
  Contractor Bid Amount
  S & M Prompt Rubbish $2,419,500
  Powercrush, Inc. $4,102,919
  Sealand Enviro, LLC $4,141,500
  Terry Contracting $4,783,500
  Pike Company $4,998,000
  Tully Environmental $5,138,500
  Bove Industries $6,945,000
  Gramercy Group $8,343,000
  Grace Industries $9,531,700
Date Project Owner
1/30/14 Rehabilitation of Various Bridges Suffolk County DPW
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Pratt Brothers, Inc. $2,249,311
  Chesterfield Associates $2,517,909
  Gibson & Cushman Contracting $2,636,615
  ALAC Contracting Corp. $3,222,222
Date Project Owner
1/30/14 Canal Road Phase II Improvements Town of Brookhaven, Purchasing Division
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Roadwork Ahead, Inc. $948,078
  Saracino Construction $1,199,700
  Bimasco Inc. $1,265,520
  Laser Industries Inc. $1,267,275
  Quintal Contracting Corp. $1,277,496
  KPI/Kings Park Industries Inc. $1,278,127
  J Anthony Enterprises $1,387,782
  New York Paving Inc. $1,396,969
  Bove Industries $1,427,915
  PSL Industries $1,429,349
  Pratt Brothers, Inc. $1,452,367
  Araz Industries $1,454,720

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