Bid List 7/21/20

Date Project Name Owner
7/9/20 Install Water Mains - Kensington Estates - Phases 2 (SHWD1152)
South Huntington Water District
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Merrick Utility Associates, Inc.
  Bancker Construction Corp. $375,800
  Alessio Pipe & Construction
  Araz Industries
Date Project Name Owner
7/9/20 Rotating Beacon Replacement at Republic Airport (D264254/PIN 090357)
New York State Department of Transportation
  Contractor Bid Amount
  LEB Electric
  H&L Contracting LLC $964,469
  Westmoreland Construction Inc. $1,058,300
  Grace Industries LLC $1,148,288
  AAA Contracting Services Corp. $1,563,220
  Perfetto Enterprises Co. Inc. $1,910,082
Date Project Owner
7/14/20 Roadway Rehab of Various Village Roads (DPW RR-2020)
Village of Malverne
Bid Amount
  Rosemar Contracting Inc.
  Suffolk Paving Corp. $5,477,950
  Laser Industries, Inc. $6,043,750
  Stasi Brothers Asphalt Corporation $7,184,425
  Pratt Brothers Inc. $8,224,400
Date Project Owner
7/16/20 Full Depth Reclamation of Various Town Roads (DPW 3-2020)
Town of Islip
  Contractor Bid Amount
  Rosemar Contracting, inc.
  Suffolk Paving Corp. $7,813,400
  H&L Contracting LLC $8,324,725
Date Project Owner
7/16/20 Geiger Force Main Extension, Phase 2 (20G59) Town of Babylon-Purchasing Dept.
  Contractor Bid Amount
  ADJO Contracting Corp. $218,450
  Gin Skye Construction $245,920
  G&M Earth Moving, Inc. $302,000
  Merrick Utility Associates, Inc. $416,800
 Date Project Owner
7/16/20 Woodhull Road at Nassau Road Intersection Improv (ES 2020-03/O-E) Town of Huntington Purchasing Dept.
  Contractor Bid Amount
  DP Civil, Inc. $182,360
  Macedo Construction Management Services $194,489
  Laser Industries Inc. $195,457
  Pioneer Landscaping & Asphalt Paving Inc. $279,795
  GGG Construction Corp. $304,892
  Suffolk Paving Corp. $367,353

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