July 25, 2017


More than 25 representatives from various LICA member organizations and partners crowded the conference room on July 14 for another important discussion with NYS DEC personnel regarding Part 360 solid waste regulations. This face-to-face meeting was arranged by Long Island DEC Regional Director Carrie Meek Gallagher at LICA's request to give our members the opportunity to request clarification and address specific concerns posed by the proposed changes, before the July 21 comments period came to a close.

Although LICA (and others) had requested an extension to the comment period, DEC representatives explained the need to proceed as scheduled due to specific lawmaking timelines – or the entire process would have to begin again, which would benefit no one. The DEC did however, openly recognize and acknowledge that further tweaks and changes may be needed, stating they are clearly willing to address those changes that may be needed after seeing how the new regulations have been adopted.

Thanks to our guests from the DEC, the meeting was both productive and positive. Members were allowed to speak freely to address their concerns while the DEC provided more insight about the new regulations and its intention. Both sides acknowledged that there is a need for continued conversation and change as we move forward, but that the current revisions are a necessary first step. The DEC noted the importance of constructive input from industry membership like ours and said they will take all final comments into consideration. LICA’s special counsel for this project has compiled the letter of final comments noting all remaining concerns and submitted it to the DEC prior to the July 21 public comments period deadline.

LICA very much appreciated the opportunity to share this open dialogue and would like to thank the Department of Conservation, especially those who attended our July 14 meeting: David Vitale, Division Director; Richard Clarkson, Bureau Director, Permitting and Planning; Sally Rowland, Section Chief, Organics Reduction and Recycling; Syed H. Rahman, P.E. Regional Materials Management Engineer, Division of Material Management, Region 1; and Carrie Meek Gallagher, Region 1 Director. LICA continually strives to build strong relationships with our state agencies in an effort to ensure that our members' voices and concerns are heard and addressed.

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