July 25, 2017


When LIRR Contract #6183 “Design/Build Services for the Replacement of Wreck Lead Bridge Submarine Cables” was posted, Hinck Electrical Contractors knew it was a project tailor-made for their expertise. Not only does the Bohemia-based company have extensive submarine cable, Design-Build and LIRR work experience, but they've also worked on the sub cables of this exact same bridge back in 1988 and 2009. Hinck’s 47 years of electrical construction experience coupled with Posillico providing all the civil work made for a very strong team. Posillico’s design/build experience and their positive relationship with the LIRR only further enhanced the team’s qualifications. To round out the team for the design portion of the project, Hardesty & Hanover was selected for their extensive submarine cable and bridge design experience. 

After months of work to complete LIRR’s complex RFP process, the contract was finally bid on 9/3/15. The Hinck-Posillico JV bid of $10,031,000 was determined to be the LIRR’s best value proposal beating out Mass Electric’s proposal of $12,776,000. And, after further discussions with the LIRR regarding scheduling and other issues, the project was finally awarded near the end of 2015. 

With the long lead time required for submarine cables, construction finally began, in earnest, in September 2016. The project consisted of completing the LIRR design (from 30% to 100%), and replacing all Super Storm Sandy-damaged submarine cables at the Wreck Lead Bridge. This included the installation of nearly two miles of signal, power and communication submarine cables, almost a mile of underwater installed HDPE conduit, 13,000 feet of bridge mounted fiberglass conduit, navigation lights, 600V multi-conductor cables, lab testing of sub cables, new steel platform, related marine support (barges, boats, divers, etc.), concrete mattresses and finally, the removal of the existing damaged submarine cables once the new ones were energized.

The need to work within required Coast Guard regulations and the fact that the bridge needed to remain operational during the entire process were just two of the challenges this project presented. This meant dealing with constant train traffic, as well as difficult weather conditions (wind, waves and ice) and the inherent difficulties of any underwater installation. But with 98% of the work now completed, Hinck expects the project to be fully finished within the next few months. And, despite all the challenges, the joint venture of Hinck-Posillico JV will be able to say they have safely and successfully completed the project, on-time and under the LIRR’s budget.

For more information about Hinck Electric, who has been providing excellence in electrical construction since 1970, visit www.hinckelectric.com or contact John Buck, President, at: 631-277-7700 ext. 104. For more information about Posillico and their many areas of expertise, visit their website at www.posillicoinc.com.


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