LIE second most congested roadway in US

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by John Callegari, LIBN
May 28, 2012

The Long Island Expressway is no longer the nation's most congested roadway, a new survey by Washington-based traffic information provider Inrix suggests. 

A 16-mile stretch of the LIE, from Exit 37, Mineola Avenue, to Exit 18, Maurice Avenue, was 2010's worst traffic corridor. Interstate 405 in Los Angeles unseated the LIE in 2011 though, as Inrix dubbed it the most congested roadway in the nation. 

The data suggests that during afternoon commutes the 16-mile stretch on the LIE takes an average of 39 minutes to traverse, with delays accounting for 22 minutes of that. 

The average speed on the road at that time is about 25 mph. 

Other congested roadways in the area that cracked the Top 10 included the Van Wyck Expressway and the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. 

Just because New York is known for its crowded roadways doesn't make it the city with the most congestion in the nation. It actually ranked 4th, averaging 57 wasted hours last year per commuter. Los Angeles ranked second on Inrix's survey. 

Honolulu took the prize for worst commuter city in the nation, with 58 wasted commuter hours last year. 

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