Parodies With A Purpose: New LICA Holiday Videos

tax-the-pot-icon.pngLICA Executive Director Marc Herbst recently traveled to Albany to testify before the Assembly Standing Committee on Transportation to discuss the budget and related 5-yr capital plan. Herbst’s testimony made a strong case to show that, although progress is being made, there is still much more that needs to be done in our region and requested increased infrastructure funding. Hoping to provide potential solutions, rather than simply reciting the problems, Herbst offered the Committee some bold suggestions for creating sustainable new revenue streams to fund our ongoing transportation infrastructure needs: Dedicate tax revenues from some newly proposed bills to fund it! To raise awareness of the issues and promote some of these suggestions, LICA created a few unique videos which we’re releasing on social media. Using the holiday season as a backdrop, we took this opportunity to create some fun and festive video messages which feature a few all-time favorite holiday tunes – with a twist. A serious message in a not-so-serious format! Be sure to follow LICA on Facebook or Twitter (@LICANewYork) or click here to check them out!

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